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In 1989 Dr. Don Paris and Ilona Selke met Dr. Rod Newton, the original developer of the LFV course at a seminar held by Dr. Vernon Wolf, who was teaching the fundamental techniques called Holodynamics.

Dr. Vernon Wolf waas a six-time Ph.D. and Proffessor at the BYU University in Utah.

His work was based on the research of Rosen, Piaget and Kohlberg, through which he developed a mind-model of the evolution and stages of growth of consiousness. Dr. Wolf applied his method of transformation successfully to dramatically assist at-risk teenagers, as well as teaching new methods of operation to the corporate world.

Dr. Vernon Wolf had developed a powerful and effective method to tap the quantum potential, and applied quantum field understandings to the nature of the mind and reality at large.

Don Paris and Illona Selke

Through this break through research and his work with the disadvantaged as well as the highly skilled, Dr. Vernon Wolf created methods of transformation of unconscious patterns, negative beliefs, fears and insecurities that truly created shifts, and alllowed people to evolve into powerful expressions of a potentialized human being.


The 6 stages of growth, which lead a person to:

  • an empowered self
  • a mutually respecting and committed relationship
  • a capable team member
  • an ethically evolved being
  • living in harmony with higher universal laws and source-energy.

The integration of quantum mind models helped shift the hitherto esoteric sounding work of 'Self-Help' into a greater understanding of the working mechanisms of the universe at large. This new understanding integrated quantum thought with the multi-dimensionality of time-space, which was now becoming accessible to every day lay people as well as professionals. Everyone could start using their mind and awareness through mindfulness training and the evolution of their emotional intelligence in daily life to improve their happiness levels, their status in life and the expression of their purpose.

Ilona Selke became one of Dr. Vernon Wolf's few fully fledged master teachers. It is during one of those master teacher training seminars with Dr. Vernon Wolf, that she met Dr. Rod Newton.

It was this merging of deeply transformative tools with daily living, that attracted Ilona Selke to the LFV work of Dr. Rod Newton.

Dr. Rod Newton had developed the course Power of Choice, which later was named The Living from Vision course. It integrated some of the techniques taught by Dr. Vernon Wolf into a 40 day program, taught over 5 segments, or 5 weeks.
The system of teaching 5 segments, with daily audio exercises, ensured that the concepts taught in books the world over, were actually integrated into daily living.

It was this merging of deeply transformative tools with the daily living that attracted Ilona Selke to the LFV work of Dr. Rod Newton.

Before the LFV course was officially launched in 1990, Ilona Selke became a key collaborator with Dr. Rod Newton in the development of the LFV Course. She added her voice on the audio tracks of the self-study tracks as well as the daily audio exercises and within one year Ilona Selke and her husband Dr. Don Paris became the worldwide teachers and promoters for the Living from Vision course, the work which they do until today.

21rst Century

Fast-forward into the 21rst century and merge the LFV course with modern-day technology, modern scheduling tools, apps and the advent of the internet, and you find the new Living from Vision course.

Capable of integrating right brain intuitive skills with the left brain logical skills, and you find the emergence of a whole brain thinking human.

Thousands of people have taken the LFV course in all walks of life. The elements have been taught world-wide to children through children's books and children courses, to teens at risk, in the personal growth and healing sector, as well as the corporate world.

Dr. Barbie Barnes wrote her doctoral thesis on the processes contained within the Living from Vision course and the transformational tools developed by Dr. Vernon Wolf's work Holodynamics.

Ilona Selke popularized the LFV-course and the power of consciousness, the holographic mind and the integrative effect of focused intention through her book Wisdom of the Dolphins, which allowed tens of thousands of people to understand the workings of the quantum consciousness.

Through utilizing the tools of the Living from Vision course Ilona Selke and her husband Dr. Don Paris live on an island in the Northwest Pacific of America, in Germany in the Alps, as well as in Bali at their Retreat Center called Shangrila Oceanside Retreat & Spa..

Within the body of international LFV-Teachers, LFV-Coaches, and behind the scenes administrators of the LFV Office in WA, USA, we are bringing to you a course that truly teaches you to work from the inside out, and to understand the higher laws of the universe in your daily life..